Swimmers Guide: Maidenhead Magnet Centre

The Magnet Centre is situated In the centre of Maidenhead near a large Sainsburys, It has a 25m 8 lane competition pool and small kids pool a gym and a roller skating rink. The competition pool is probably one of the most shallow you'll find at around 5ft deep to 3ft shallow end. Blocks are located in the deep end. It is a deck level pool like Guildford and as with Guildford turning boards are used too. But these seem a lot less slippery than Guildford's. The pool air temperature does get very warm, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids also it's advisable for spectators to wear light clothing, or to take several trips to the cafe.

Spectators and swimmers are seated in the large spectator area next to the pool

The changing rooms are unisex cubicles and lockers are 1 refundable.

There is a good size Cafe/Restaurant which serves hot and cold food.

There is a car park but it works out extremely expensive if you're spending the whole day there (over 4 hours) The best bet is to park in the multi-storey next to Sainsburys and use the walkway which takes you to the pool. Also if you do a bit of shopping in Sainsburys you get a discount on your parking. Not sure what the minimum spend is though. I wouldn't advise street parking as most are either residential or have restrictions of some sort.

South Bucks and Berks Masters Open Meet

This is a small and friendly meet with all events up to 200m including IM catered for. It has relay events as well. It usually runs from mid-day to evening and it is run as a 'No Cards Meet' along the same lines as Bracknell, which works very well.

The competition seems to mainly attract SE region swimmers and I'd say is a good first-timers meet to enter as you could easily end up with a medal if you swim well.

The main warm ups are split men/women but it doesn't seem to notice as much as Guildford as there are less swimmers.

Swim down pool - Yes there is a small children's pool which just about does the job. A bit shallow though.

Good times can be achieved here and maybe worth considering if you need decathlon points.


  • Good low key meet with many events.
  • Nice modern facility.
  • Good for first timers.


  • Very warm.
  • Parking can be expensive.