Swimmers Guide: National Short Course

This is a 3-day meet. The pool is divided into two 25m pools each being allocated to either mens or womens events, with the exception of the 800m & 1500m which are swum as mixed events.

The poolside is always buzzing and there is never much room to sit or put you bag down. Touch pads are used at one end, with the other end (the dividing boom) being a stainless steel gutter (very good for Breaststroke turns).The diving pit is used for continuous warm up/swim down, and can get extremely busy. Sheffield is known as a very quick pool and this is certainly true for this event. Many people swim their best times of the year at this meet.

Cost was around 9 per event in 2008, the amount of events you can enter was capped & programmes aprox. 5. This is likely to change in future.

You also have to budget in hotel costs if you're staying the weekend.

2007 & 2008 Speedo ran a shop selling discontinued Fast skin speed suits at just 30 each.


  • It's the Nationals, the buzz is fantastic.
  • Fast pool.
  • Speedo swim shop.


  • Costly.
  • Very busy warm up/swim downs.
  • Opressively hot air temperature, especially for spectators.

Overall - this event is the biggest of the year. The buzz is fantastic and to swim it for me is a pleasure. I'm also really pleased it's still at Sheffield.