Swimmers Guide: Rotherham Metro

Long Course meet

This is a one day meet and they try to cram in as many events as they can, including a 400m Freestyle. Hence the start is quite early with warm-up starting at 8.30am. There are no relays. As with Crawley touch pads are used at both ends. This event is run using cards. Programmes just 1 in 2009. Diving pit available for swim down. It is unlikely that you'll swim against people who swam at Crawley so it's a good meet to try. The entry list is never huge but still highly competitive. Some events have a small entry list so you could find yourself swimming events in quick succession if you don't plan carefully.


  • Really friendly laid back event.
  • Lots and Lots of Events catered for in one day and inexpensive programme.
  • Swim down pool available.


  • Early start - need to allow at least 2 hours to get there from Milton Keynes on a Sunday morning.

Overall this is a very friendly meet and nothing seems too rushed, worth making the trip for.